Photo of incident site from Alicia Chan The Straits Times

A 59-year-old elderly cleaner was injured after a HDB lift at a Bukit Panjang estate malfunctioned on Tuesday (June 7). The elderly woman boarded the lift of Blk 150 Petir Road at the 9th floor around noon time and when the lift reached the ground floor, it shot up in an accelerated speed to the 11th floor and then down to the 3rd floor and back up to the 12th floor.

The elderly suffered spine injuries from the fall and was warded in Ng Teng Fong General Hospital for a night. There is no comment on the incident from Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council, which is in-charged of maintenance for the HDB lift. According to media reports, the estate was 28 years old and the lift used to serve only the first, 6th and 11th floors before it was upgraded 9 years ago.

This is the third high profile HDB lift accident resulted from faulty lift mechanism in a year. Earlier in May, a handicapped elderly on wheelchair fell over and died from head injuries when he was reversing out from the lift, not knowing that the lift have stopped some 25cm above the actual floor landing. Last October, the hand of an elderly woman was severed after the lift had faulty detection sensors.

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