Screenshot from Facebook video

After a video of a rat found in NTUC supermarket at Kang Kar mall went viral, the government-affiliated supermarket now threatens the whistleblower with “necessary actions” which they claimed to “protect” their reputation.

It appears NTUC is filing defamation charges against critics like PAP Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The National Environment Agency found 5 rat holes in the exterior area under the management of Hougang Mall, and has declared they will be taking actions against NTUC and Hougang Mall. The video was taken by Sun Yu Ming earlier this week at the NTUC outlet at Kangkar Mall. Below is a photo taken by Sun Yu Ming of a bread loaf gnawed by rats:

Photo from Facebook
Photo from Facebook

You may view more photo evidence posted by Sun Yu Ming here.

Below is the press release by NTUC on their Facebook page:

“Dear Customers,
We understand that Mr 孙雨明 (Sun Yu Ming) has since posted various comments on his Facebook page that suggests we have been negligent in managing the pest incident at our Kang Kar store. We have since identified Mr Sun as the delivery person for bread at our Kang Kar store, whom had been reported in the past for several occasions where he had short-changed the store by delivering less that what the store had ordered. The video he had posted was taken while he was replenishing stocks. Notwithstanding, we assure our customers that we continue to take proactive preventive measures to address the pest incident. Our investigations also show that the source of the pest did not originate from within store.

We are puzzled as to why Mr Sun would feel that we are not taking the necessary action and preventive measures to address this matter considering the various efforts we have since taken and continue to take.

We understand that he has continued to make inflammatory remarks, which questions our integrity, with the intention to mislead in his latest post. Should he persist in making such remarks, we will take necessary actions to protect our reputation.”

You may view the video here: