Photo from Singapore Tattler

Singapore’s restaurant franchise Paradise Group was found guilty for 29 charges of fraud for tempering with gas meters and using $636,438.12 worth of gas in 24 restaurants across Singapore between Aug 2011 and April 2012. Of the 24 restaurants, 13 were from Paradise Inn eateries, 4 from Kung Fu Paradise, 2 from Seafood Paradise outlets, and 1 each from Paradise Group Holdings, Paradise Dynasty, Paradise Pavilion, Taste Paradise and Canton Paradise.

Paradise Group apparently removed the seal in the gas meters and was able to use gas without paying a single cents. The Energy Market Authority (EMA) asked for the maximum fine of S$610,000, and the state prosecutor said that tempering with gas meters would have resulted in accidental explosions and not a “laughing matter”.

The CEO and COO of Paradise Group Holdings are brothers Edlwin Chua and Edlan Chua. The brothers became millionaires in a short time after rebranding into a Chinese fine-dining restaurant from operating a kopitiam zi char stall in Defu Lane. The franchise now have outlets in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines and London.