According to the latest Global Slavery Index, Singapore is one of the worst slavery trafficking countries in the world with a “CC” rating and 122th ranking out of 161 countries.

Singapore scored poorly on Criminal Justice (22.41/100), zero (0/100) on Coordination & Accountability and with an overall score of 27.12. According to the report, Singapore was singled out as one of the few countries that are wealthy and stable but the government takes little action in combating modern slavery.

You may view the ranking here.

The Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is inactive in enforcing manpower regulations and relies heavily on whistleblowing. Most slave-like working environment in Singapore are in the construction, sex trade, cleaner and other low-wage sectors. These workers work more than the country’s legislated 40 hours work week and over-time is not paid. The MOM does not enforce over-time payment or working hours monitoring, resulting in rampant exploitation of workers by employers.

Foreign workers are often exploited in Singapore and in recent years, the Singapore society has become increasingly unstable. In 2013, a riot broke out in Little India by foreign workers because of oppressed living conditions and low wages. Also in the same year, SMRT drivers from China organised a strike deemed “illegal” by the government.