Photo from Singapore Police

Counterfeit S$50 notes bearing four specific serial numbers are found to be exchanging in the Singapore market when a 52 year old man with an undisclosed nationality was arrested for printing the dollar notes. According to the Singapore Police yesterday (May 31), they received a report on May 26 that counterfeit notes were used for payment at a convenience shop at Hougang St 91.

The man was arrested in the afternoon on the same day and a printer, bag and several S$50 counterfeit notes were confiscated. It appears that the man had printed the notes from the printer and deliberately soiled the notes to make them appear as if they are legal tenders in “used” conditions. However, security features like watermark and security thread were clearly not present on these counterfeit notes and can be recognisable as photocopied if one scrutinize them.

The unidentified man with unknown nationality faces up to 20 years’ jail sentence for producing counterfeit legal tenders.