Screenshot from Singpass page

More than 210,000 overseas Singaporeans may soon not be able to access their CPF funds and other government services because of a Singpass glitch that disallowed them to register for a security dongle. From July 5th onwards, all online log in services through the Singpass portal will require an additional security dongle called 2FA.

Currently, overseas Singaporeans who have no Singapore phone number are not able to proceed with registration for the security dongle. Overseas phone numbers are not accepted. Complaints are flooding the Singpass adminstrators and on the CPF Board Facebook page, the CPF Board blamed a contractor from the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) and said they are still working with the contractor to sort out the Singapore phone number glitch.

The Singapore government is increasing online security due to an increase in phishing websites (often done by fake websites that logs a person’s username and password. When the user log in his details, the fake website will re-direct to the original website requesting the victim to key in his details again, hence rendering the victim unknown of the crime.) The dongle-security method is a common practice in online banking which confirms a matching code by the website and the dongle using a time-based algorithm.