Photo of Amos Yee from video

In his recent video titled “How to Create Change in Singapore” (originally titled “How To Destroy the Singapore Government”), controversial youtuber Amos Yee revealed that the graphs and statistic research compiled by Roy Ngerng inspired and “created him”. The 18-year-old said that his popular anti-Lee Kuan Yew video would not have been possible if not for the research of Roy Ngerng.

Roy Ngerng is currently bankrupted after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong sued and won a S$150,000 defamation lawsuit through an uncontested default judgment. The dictator also instructed the Singapore Police to jail the editor of former popular anti-government website The Real Singapore, Ai Takagi, for 10 months under trumped-up sedition charges.

In his as-usual well-articulated video, Youtuber Amos Yee emphasized the importance of the internet and how instrumental the freedom of information would eventually speed up the demise of the ruling party PAP. Amos Yee ended the video calling for Singaporeans to “share and create” more anti-PAP content:

“…legacy of dictators will never last. But legacies of ideas, great ideas – the ones that matters and stand the test of time – they will last. And Lee Hsien Loong, when you and your papa’s legacy eventually fall because of people like me, because of people who value happiness over money, freedom over stability, ideas over power…”

You may view the original video here: