Infographic from Families for Life

A survey conducted by the national family council Families for Life revealed that the long working hours in Singapore are eating into family time. Singapore currently have the longest working hours in the world at 2,389.4 hours in a year. 34% of the 700 respondents said that they have other family members working “long hours” (the survey did not define how many hours is “long hours”). 50% of the respondents blamed long working hours for taking up family time. Another approximately half said they spent less than 36 hours with their immediate families each week.

This coincides with a 2013 survey on social attitudes of Singaporeans conducted by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), which found that work demands is a major factor why Singaporeans are spending less time with their family. 58% of the men surveyed reported that they were unhappy with work-life balance.

Singapore currently also have the lowest birth rate in the world, at 1.24, because of it’s family-unfriendly employment practices. Childcare costs in Singapore is also one of the highest in the world with the median fee at S$856 a month per child. Along with exorbitant housing prices (ranked 4th most expensive in the world), having babies in Singapore is more likely to entrap a family in poverty as compared to the better pro-family welfare schemes seen in countries like Australia and UK.

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