Photo of K Shanmugam from AFP

Minister Heng Swee Keat may now have only one foot in the coffin, but his political career is as good as dead. Given how Singapore leaders usually brag about pragmatism and making difficult decisions, it is unusual they openly revealed their double standards nature by being hesitant to call for a by-election in Tampines.

The man had a stroke so he can no longer serve residents, and yet, he is allowed to continue drawing taxpayers-funded salaries to the tune of a million a year by sleeping in his bed. This is a bad set up for a society priding itself on Meritocracy, especially when Singaporean workers whose a single cent of their medical bills are not even paid for by their employers, are expected to offer generosity to the tune of millions for a public servant. Calling for a by-election and invalidating the Minister like the invalidate he now is, is the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, even the Law Minister subjects himself to such double standards. Law Minister K Shanmugam avoided a genuine concern for a by-election and instead character-assassinated his questioner despite being the right person to go to:

“Raymond tan, i don’t know what sort of person you are. Have no sense of compassion and what is right and what is wrong ? To ask about whether there will be by-election in the circumstances you mention (I can’t even bring myself to repeat your words?) Are these words people will even use? Do you not think about his wife and children? I feel sick.”

Then again, it is not the first time Minister K Shanmugam does as he likes and says as he likes. He is after all the Law Minister, above the law he must be. Breaking the Constitution laws is nothing to Singaporeans, as they were brought up conditioned so. Some Singaporeans can honestly tell you “Our Law Minister feels sick hearing your question, so stop asking. Anyway, what is chapter 44 section 2 in the Constitution? What is a Constitution?”

For the more fortunate Singaporeans who did not suffer a mental stroke, they are not getting an answer from him, unless they are willing to be insulted in a public domain and be harassed by his packs of supporters – paid or otherwise. Poor Raymond Tan, you should be arrested for making our Law Minister sick.