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According to The Independent Singapore, Temasek Holdings and CPF may be guilty of corruption when names similar to the two government entities appeared in their search. The two companies the blog stated linked were Temasek Wellness Investments Limited and CPF Holdings Group Limited.

The Panama Papers is currently making headlines internationally as it discloses the identity of companies using offshore business entities. While the use of offshore business entities is often not illegal, reporters found that some of the shell corporations were used for illegal purposes, including fraud, kleptocracy, tax evasion, and evading international sanctions.

You may view their article here.

However, Temasek Wellness Investments Ltd and CPF Holdings Group Limited are not even local companies based in Singapore. Independent Singapore also quoted “Jackie Chan, who was recently named as Singapore’s first celebrity anti-drug ambassador”, when Jackie Chan is not even a Singaporean but only a Permanent Resident.

This is not the first time the blog created fake news to gain advertisement revenue. Earlier this month, a pro-PAP blog, The Middle Ground, was reported to the police for breaching the Parliamentary Elections Act by announcing a poll result. Both TMG and Independent Singapore claimed to be independent and credible when their readership thrives only on click-baits and fake news.