Photo from CNA

After causing a serious accident that injured 23 passengers, a SBS Transit bus driver from Malaysia absconded from Singapore to avoid criminal prosecution. Malaysian, Ahmad Jamalulail Abdul Rashid, 43, was driving a single-deck bus service 80 along Sims Avenue at about 5.25pm on July 11, 2014 when he hit the back of a SBS double-decker bus service 21. Two of the victims of the accident suffered serious injuries from nasal fracture to spine injuries, while the remaining 21 suffered minor injuries. The impact shattered the windscreen of the single-deck bus.

The Malaysian was charged with causing grievous hurt by negligent and was granted S$5,000 bail. However, he failed to appear in court yesterday (May 11). His defence lawyer discharged himself from duties after telling the court that he was unable to contact his client. An arrest warrant has been issued for Ahmad Jamalulail. The guarantor was a former colleague and will likely see her S$5,000 bail forfeited.