Photo of Bertha Henson

After being ordered to take down an offending article that breaches the Parliamentary Elections Act, the editor of pro-PAP website, The Middle Ground (TMG), Bertha Henson, mocked the Singapore authorities and gave a defiant apology:

“Looks like the G wants a confession, apology, and an adequate display of repentance. (After all, we wouldn’t want to be accused of just going through the motions – like someone else who shall not be named.)

Here goes: “We, at The Middle Ground, apologise for being too stupid to not recognise that our article could be perceived as a poll. We undertake not to repeat the mistake at future elections, whenever they might be. The next time we do another 50 faces, we will make sure it’s published before any writ of election is issued. Or better still, when there is no election at all.”

The former state media reporter also mocked at the Singapore Police and hinted that their enforcement is double standards, by referencing to the similar offense conducted by state media Straits Times. In June 2013, the Straits Times editor published a poll result headlined “ST poll: More rooting for PAP”, but the Singapore Police let them off with only a warning.

Bertha Henson face a maximum of 1 year jail and S$1,000 fine if convicted.