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Chinese papers from Singapore’s state-controlled media, Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), openly breached Cooling Off Day today (May 6) and gave the ruling party PAP full coverage.

Appearing on the front page and two other pages, SPH paper Lian He Wan Bao advertised in full quoting Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Tharman Shamugaratnam with headline-fonts: “SDP is spreading rumors”, “Chee Soon Juan did not do his homework”, “This is a very tight contest”.

The SPH papers also featured photos of PAP rallies with PAP flags:

Photo from Facebook
Photo from Facebook

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong enforced the Cooling Off Day in 2011 so printed mainstream media can still provide the ruling party with full coverage masquerading as “news coverage”. Singapore’s state-controlled media ranks 154th for press accuracy, and SPH and Mediacorp are the only two media companies allowed to operate in the country.

Only the state-controlled media can advertise on Cooling Off Day, giving the ruling party unfair advantage over the Opposition. Anyone else who breach the Cooling Off day face a maximum 1-year jail.