Screenshot of Tan Chuan Jin from CNA video

In a political move to aid PAP candidate Murali Pillai in the upcoming Bukit Batok by-election, the Ministry of Manpower claimed that even if only 100 jobs is created in a year, the situation is not alarmist. In their latest press release, the government organ was slamming SDP candidate Dr Chee Soon Juan who quoted it’s statistics:

“The Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) secretary-general Chee Soon Juan misunderstood data from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and in doing so, painted an alarmist picture of the job market for Singaporeans.”

Below is the exact quote from Dr Chee:

“In all of last year, the Government created only 100 jobs. Yes, you heard it right, 100 jobs for citizens and permanent residents. That means, one job per constituency. Voters of Bukit Batok, only one job was created per constituency. How many of you voters here think you are going to fight for that one job if and when you are retrenched?”

The MOM then said it revised the 100 figure to 700 and that Dr Chee “misunderstood” their statistics, however, it did not deny that Dr Chee’s numbers was correct. The Ministry also subty acknowledged Dr Chee by saying that the figure refers to the difference between total number of locals entering jobs and those leaving jobs. All in all, only 100 new jobs were created for PRs and Singaporean citizens.

Adding more politically-biased comments, the MOM said that “most Singaporeans looking for jobs are able to find one.” It also defended the ruling party blaming “demographic realities”:”trends (falling employment) are expected to persist in the medium term due to our demographic realities.”

Singapore’s government organs are politically-biased and such corruption is legalised by the ruling party government. The Minister for Manpower is Tan Chuan Jin, who recently defamed Dr Chee by spreading rumors saying that the Opposition candidate goes around insulting residents calling them “hobos” (homeless people).