Screenshot of Chan Chun Sing from Facebook video

At the Bukit Batok by-election rally speech today (May 5th), Prime Minister Office (PMO)’s Minister Chan Chun Sing whipped out the Lee Kuan Yew card and attributed Singapore’s “good ideas” to the deceased Prime Minister:

“If there are good ideas, we’ll be first to adopt it. We’re not ideological, we are pragmatic – that’s what Lee Kuan Yew has taught us from day one.”

Like in the previous election, Minister Chan Chun Sing reminded Bukit Batok residents to remember the values of Lee Kuan Yew. The Minister-without-portfolio in the PMO also said that the ruling party government has always listened to Singaporeans and that “solutions are not so easy”.

Minister Chan accused the Opposition of “trying to paint us as bad people” and warned Opposition candidate “don’t anyhow say things just because it is elections”. The NTUC chief claimed that he is working very hard because he believed legislation is not a solution:

“Why do you think NTUC is working so hard behind the scenes? If we can pass the law and miraculously everything is solved, you think we won’t do it? Why we won’t do it if it is so easy? So people like to paint us as if we are bad people and we don’t care.

…Bukit Batok residents, touch your hearts. Is this a government who doesn’t care?”

Singapore currently have no Minimum Wage and it currently also have the longest work hours in the world (2,389.4 hours/year). Birth rate is also the lowest in the world (1.24) as the people have very low purchasing power in a high cost environment. Tax rates for the rich are the lowest among the world and the government draws most of its tax income from indirect taxes on the poor and middle class. Retirement is a major problem in Singapore as more elderly are working into their death. Just last week, Macdonalds highlighted Singapore for it’s oldest employee at the age of 92. Like most elderly, the great-grandmother was not able to retire or enjoy her twilight years with her family.