Photo of PAP Murali with DPM Tharman helping out from CNA

In another heavyweight assistance to PAP candidate Murali Pillai, Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Tharman Shamugaratnam baselessly accused the Opposition candidate of “spreading fear and alarm” with “absolute rubbish”, and that the ruling party government has a fine record over the past 10 years.

At the rally speech tonight (May 6th), DPM Tharman claimed that he is “troubled” in the past few days because of the Opposition. The Minister could not contain his anger during the rally and furiously called some points of Dr Chee’s speeches “absolute rubbish”, “crazy”, populist and “bluffing the people”.

“I’m troubled because the way they are going about what they call policy proposals, is in fact the politics of spreading fear and alarm and the politics of populism.

…Absolute rubbish.

I know these theories and analysis. The Ministry of Finance has patiently addressed all of them, it’s all on the Internet … Anyone can see it if they want. Dr Chee himself says, ‘I don’t understand much of what I’ve just said”. Then why do you spread fear?

Have a sense of reality. If you’re on the ground you’d know people are losing jobs, we try and help them, we get them new jobs. Either you don’t know, in which case do the homework – or you know and you’re willfully spreading fear and alarm. Bad, bad politics. Dr Chee also knew “how to target emotions”. ”

Where has he been? Look at what we’ve been doing in the last five to 10 years.”

DPM Tharman also claimed that Dr Chee is lying:

“They don’t tell everyone at the rallies how much it will cost. So this is how we have to discuss policy, lay out the benefits, lay out the cost. Don’t bluff people. Tell people that’s what it’ll cost. And then we can discuss the best way to shape this policy.”

The Minister also claimed that the government has also been telling the truth and “discussing things openly”:

“You don’t need to agree with the PAP, but discuss things openly, tell people the truth. Always go for a better consensus. That’s how we advance democracy, that’s the track I hope SDP gets on to.”

DPM Tharman then start selling his candidate Murali and assure that he “is a good man” and will not be corrupted “when no one is looking”, unlike the previous PAP MP David Ong who was caught by his lover’s husband:

“You can trust Murali to serve you because it’s you. Not because you’re part of his political journey. You can also trust him to help you when no one is looking, when the media is not around.”

Minister Tharman also poured praises for Murali saying that he is a humble man who declined the “highest award” by PM Lee Hsien Loong. This is the last political attack launched by a heavyweight minister, following Lee Hsien Loong, K Shanmugam, Tan Chuan Jin, Chan Chun Sing, Grace Fu, Halimah Yacob and Goh Chok Tong.

The election day will be May 7th, and tomorrow (May 6th) is the Cooling Off day – an undemocratic ruling set by PM Lee Hsien Loong to muzzle debates and discussions. A person guilty of breaching the Cooling-Off Day ruling may face a maximum 1 year imprisonment.