Announcing his collaboration with fellow PAP member-owned healthcare cooperative business, the PAP by-election candidate Murali Pillai has a healthcare plan for residents at a price tag: S$99 for Basic Membership plan, or S$468 Premium Membership plan. You may view more details of the membership pricing plans here.

The Good Life Cooperative is a groupon-like healthcare business owned by Dr Carol Tan, a PAP member. Like a multi-level marketing (MLM) business, members will have to pay a fee to access one-off “free healthcare tests”, and they will also have “discounts” on health products sold through the company. The PAP member-owned business claimed that adult diapers can be purchased at a lower price. Although the business did not specify if the membership requires renewable payment, it is understood from the “one-time” emphasis that members will have to pay more to enjoy the “free healthcare tests”.

Dr Carol Lim hoped to ride on PAP candidate Murali Pillai and generate more business from the residents when the latter becomes a part-time MP for Bukit Batok SMC. The PAP candidate also hoped Bukit Batok residents will “support” him and his fellow PAP member by purchasing the plans:

“We will help as many as possible… but at the present moment, we seek the buy-in of our Bukit Batok residents and hope they can support us.”

There is no mention if Bukit Batok residents will get a discount. It is legal in Singapore for MPs to mix politics with business and profit from the constituency they are serving. PAP MP Lee Bee Wah is a director of a company that contracts construction jobs in the constituency she is “serving”.