Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Xabryna Kek CNA

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong commenced his usual election dirty politics by name-calling Opposition candidate Dr Chee Soon Juan “hypocritical” and “crazy”. The Prime Minister claimed that it is in Dr Chee’s character and that the latter can never change:

“Chee Soon Juan – actually I know him for a long time also. He has not been working full-time, now he says I am going to work full-time for you. It’s easy to say, but what do you bring, which you would be able to contribute and show that you can do for the voters? And it’s partly your record, it’s partly your ability, but it’s also your character.

Last night, I was watching the rallies on live streaming, and at the SDP rally, all the speakers fired away at Mr David Ong, and then came Chee Soon Juan at the end, and Chee Soon Juan says: ‘No, you must not hit somebody who is down – that is very bad.’ That is completely hypocritical. You get your guys to say all the bad things, you come along and you look magisterial, and benign and say, no you must not hit somebody, having called all your lieutenants to hit him as hard as they can. But unfortunately, it’s in character.”

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong then went on to call Dr Chee “crazy” and unrepentant:

So when I read the Wanbao interview with Dr Chee the day before yesterday, I was saddened but not surprised. He says he is not sorry for anything he did; he’s proud of his record, he’s proud of his crazy history, and yet when he comes today he presents himself as a changed man. And he says last night at the rally, even good people make mistakes, you must give them a second chance. But before you can turn around and make good, you must first recognise that something has gone wrong, and that you have to put it right.”

The PM also blast the Opposition candidate saying that they are all talk and have no experience when it comes to managing a Town Council:

“For someone who comes along with no basis, no track record, but says ‘I will do a better job’ – talk is easy”

PM Lee then also insinuated that the Opposition is racist when they did not moderate online comments:

“But it is not unknown for racial sentiments to emerge and to be exploited during election campaigns. I remember when I was first fielded – 1984, in Teck Ghee – next door to me in Chong Boon was Chandra Das, and he was already a sitting MP contesting against a Chinese candidate. And the opposition was going from door to door, and the message was simple: They didn’t say ‘vote for me’, they didn’t say ‘the other chap is no good’. They just asked, has that Indian man come yet? And everybody knew what it meant – there was a special UHF signal there, so you say one thing (but) what you mean is another thing.

And I think when Murali is here, I see online some comments making this point about race in a quite open way. I hear some rumours going around within the constituency that people say, ‘Just vote for the Chinese, that’s good’. I think that is completely wrong and bad.

I see also on Chee Soon Juan’s webpage, his postings and then there are comments, and there are some comments which are along this vein too, and they have not been refuted or taken down.”

PAP candidate Murali is currently seeking help from PM Lee, DPM Tharman and Senior Minister Grace to campaign for him as he did not know how to respond to the veteran Opposition candidate who was bankrupted after being politically persecuted by the Prime Minister and his deceased-father Lee Kuan Yew.