At the NTUC’s May Day award ceremony held earlier this evening (April 29th), Minister Chan Chun Sing said that although there will be no unemployment insurance payout in the form of cash, he is developing a “strategy of employment insurance”. This “strategy” is Minister Chan Chun Sing’s response to increasing public pressure calling for a legislation to enact unemployment insurance laws as a form of temporary relief for unemployed jobseekers.

According the NTUC chief who is also a Minister with no portfolio, Chan Chun Sing claimed that he can help unemployed Singaporeans by hiring more career counsellors to help workers “stay relevant and retain their jobs” amid cyclical and structural weaknesses in the economy:

“This is why over the next few days, you will hear the Labour Movement working with new partners to train our workers, to upskill our workers, make sure that we remain relevant.”

Like his predecessor Lim Swee Say, Minister Chan Chun Sing also made up new words and called the NTUC a “three-pin plug”:

“The Government is not standing still, there is now a tripartite relationship within the Government. NTUC now works closely with MOM, MTI and MOE (Ministry of Education) – MOM to make sure that we have the jobs of the future, MOE to make sure we have the skills of the future and MTI to make sure we have the careers of the future. NTUC is like a three-pin plug – plugged in to the tripartite Government ministries.”

The former Chief of Army had zero experience managing a trade union and has been unofficially “fired” after he screwed up other ministries. Minister Chan Chun Sing was briefly the Minister for Community Development for only 17 months before he became the Minister of Social and Family Developments for 20 months. The job-hopper Minister then ended up becoming a Minister with no portfolio in the Prime Minister’s office in Oct 2015. There has been no proposal by far in the past 6 months’ he has been in office.