According to state media Channel News Asia, the husband of PAP MP Tin Pei Ling, Ng How Yue, has been promoted to become the Chairman of the Energy Market Authority (EMA). The former Private Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong saw three promotions in less than 5 years since his wife became a PAP MP on a GRC ticket.

Ng How Yue was promoted to be the Second Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Oct 2011. About three years later, he was promoted to be the Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Law in Dec 2014. Now barely 2 years later, he became the Chairman of a comfortable government statutory board.

Corruption and nepotism is legalised in Singapore and hence Singapore ranks among the world’s lowest in perceived-corruption index. The Prime Minister himself sits on top of the Election Department, Corruption Investigation Bureau and the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is also the Chairman of the country’s sovereign wealth fund company, GIC. His wife, Ho Ching, is the CEO of Temasek Holdings for the past 12 years and has not found any successor because “no one is as suitable and talented”.

Meritocracy has been a convenient excuse used by the ruling party government to promote trusted personnel and supporters, while also keeping away talents who do not subscribe to their beliefs. The Opposition candidate Dr Chee Soon Juan is formerly a professor from the National University of Singapore and his credentials surpassed many PAP MPs, however, he was deemed “unqualified” by the ruling party because he disagreed with the government policies.