Photo of PAP Murali with DPM Tharman helping out from CNA

In a QnA release by state media Channel News Asia, PAP candidate Murali now backtracks his words and claimed that the S$1.9 million is “funding-neutral”:

CNA: So to clarify, the S$1.9 million is actually part of the S$24 million, correct?

PAP Murali: The S$1.9 million project which I referred to, is the Neighbourhood Renewal Project, which I mentioned time and time again, it is a funding-neutral project. It really doesn’t matter, it’s a town council run project, it’s not really dependant on whether the PAP wins or loses. That is part and parcel of what was estimated by Mr Ong.”

This contradicts with his earlier statement made 4 days ago, below is the exact quote from Murali:

“This plan we are presenting is a plan by the PAP Jurong-Clementi Town Council. So it’s really up to our residents. We will have the mandate to carry on only if we are returned at the by-election. If we don’t have the mandate, then we won’t have the ability to carry on because we will not form the town council.

That’s the rule.”

When questioned about the S$24 million upgrading plans promised by the former corrupted PAP MP David Ong, the flustered PAP candidate then claimed that the works have already begun and SDP should “see with their own eyes”:

“The S$24 million masterplan that Mr Ong mentioned in his speech, to be precise, it’s S$23.6 million, I believe, over a five-year period. So if you do the maths, it works out to about S$4.5 million or so per year over a five-year period. So I would invite SDP to walk around the estate, and to look at the improvements that have been made since. There are a number of projects that have been fully executed, a number of projects which are still on-going, and a number of projects in the pipeline. So I invite them to do their homework, go around, and then they can see with their own eyes, what’s happened.”

PAP candidate Murali then went on to shoot himself in his own foot explaining that he has to rely on the Jurong-Clementi Town Council because they have “an exceptional track record” and he has no such experience to speak of when managing his own Bukit Batok Town Council.