Speaking up for PAP candidate Murali, Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shamugaratnam said in today’s press conference (April 26th) that the S$1.9 million plan is part of the PAP’s “consultation” work and there is no need for the Opposition SDP to “begrudge them because they did not do their work”. DPM Tharman even fired a shot at the SDP candidate Dr Chee Soon Juan suggesting the latter is a hooligan:

“There is no need for all these blusters. There is no need to begrudge the PAP for having done so these consultation already. If you need more time to do your consultation, say so, there’s nothing wrong.”

In his press release yesterday, the PAP candidate openly announced that Bukit Batok SMC voters will only get a S$1.9 million of upgrades if they vote PAP. This form of vote-buying is corruption in other countries but legalised in Singapore. The implication also meant that if SDP is voted in Bukit Batok SMC, voters will be denied upgrades.

Corruption in Singapore is largely legalised. The Singapore Prime Minister earns more than 4 times the salaries of US President Barack Obama, and the salaries of the ruling party ministers are also the highest in the world costing S$1.1 million a year each. Other forms of legalised corruption in Singapore includes using their own companies to take up residential projects in their constituencies like PAP MP Lee Bee Wah in Nee Soon GRC.

Also at the today’s conference, PAP candidate Murali is unable to make his own speech without pointers on a script. He sought the help of Senior Minister Grace Fu and the Deputy Prime Minister to help him handle media enquiries as he is afraid of saying the wrong thing.