Upon advice from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, President Tony Tan issued the Writ of Election confirming that the Nomination Day for Bukit Batok by-election will take place next Wednesday (April 27th) and the Polling Day will be May 7th.

The confirmed candidates for this by-election will be Dr Chee Soon Juan from Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and Murali Pillai from the ruling PAP. About 27,000 registered voters of Bukit Batok SMC will be voting this election, which many believe is a test of the ruling party performance since the GE in Sep 2015.

The PAP candidate has been using monetary and manpower resources from his rich ruling party for his election campaign, and even had a few senior ministers to campaign for him. The Opposition candidate however has a modest budget and limited volunteer base, dwarfing that to his competitor.

Election strategy-wise, PAP candidate Murali Pillai feigned a homecoming relationship with residents, calling it a place “where I started”. Unlike his opponent, PAP candidate Murali Pillai is promoting for status quo and pouring praises for the recent Budget claiming how much the ruling party government has helped the people and how the people should return the gratitude. The Opposition candidate Dr Chee Soon Juan has only promised to voice out national issues and specifically singled out government policies like healthcare, cost of living and retirement.

In the last election, Bukit Batok residents voted for the corrupted PAP candidate David Ong with a 72.99% majority. Many have speculated that a 23% obstacle is too high for the SDP and the ruling party will likely score yet another easy win.