PAP MP for Nee Soon GRC Lee Bee Wah is getting flak for wasting time in parliament asking irrelevant and, according to some commentators, “useless” questions. Besides revealing her poor command of grammar, many are questioning her IQ as well:

“I frequently heard that morning sun at Khatib MRT Station is very hot. I spoke about it in parliament yesterday. I intend to bring LTA officers to the station to see what can be done.

May I know what time is the hottest?”

Many questioned her on her Facebook page asking what can the Land Transport Authority (LTA) officers do about the “very hot” sun, while others advised her to brush up her English as a Parliamentarian should have at least decent communication skills. Supporters of MP Lee Bee Wah were also mocked about their IQ as they mount weak defences against criticisms.

You may view her gaffe here.

Response to Lee Bee Wah
Response to Lee Bee Wah

Aside from this self-stabbing episode, MP Lee Bee Wah was also rejected by the Parliamentary Secretary for National Devlopment Baey Yam Keng for her proposal to upgrade the existing swimming pool in Yishun because there are other precincts with no swimming pool facilities, therefore rendering them higher priority on the queue above Yishun. MP Lee Bee Wah then suggested that she would volunteer to do project management for the new swimming for free. She has however avoided public enquiries and allegations of corruption over the involvement of her company with HDB construction projects.