Photo of Tony Tan from CNA

In an essay less than 300 words, Singapore President Tony Tan rubber stamps the approval for this year’s Budget and poured praises for the Singapore government.

President Tony Tan whipped out his dictionary and dotted his essay with praises describing the government and their Budget “thoughtful”, “responsible”, “prudent”, “balanced”, “caring”, “resilient” and “committed”. There is no mention to any specific proposal in the Budget and his full approval worded less than a secondary school essay could be posted in a single Facebook update [Link]. The S$1.54 million President has no comment on the Budget and also did contribute any input.

Like every year, the approval of the Singapore President on financial matters are not reported because the presidential candidate, who was supported by the ruling party PAP during their presidential election campaign, behaved like a puppet and dare not voice dissent or opposition against any request made by the ruling party government.