In his response to MP Sylvia Lim over the political role of the People’s Association (PA), Minister Chan Chun Sing claimed that the PA is not politicised despite it’s role in campaigning for the PAP during election periods.

The Minister-without-portfolio gave a blank assurance that the PA is non-partisan but could not explain why PA grassroots leaders campaign for the ruling party PAP:

“The PA was not a partisan organisation and it did not check on the political allegiance of its members and their voting preferences. The latter was not relevant to our work.

I will be last person to ever allow the People’s Association to be politicised.”

To prove his point, Minister Chan Chun Sing even claimed that some of his PA volunteers are Opposition supporters, and challenged anyone to come out with evidence to prove that the grassroots leaders are PAP supporters:

“When I see my own residents, participants of my PA activities, supporting the opposition, I can only ask myself ‘How can I work harder to win them over?’ If Ms Lim has any such evidence of wrongdoing, you can let me know, and I guarantee you, I will follow up.”

When questioned by MP Sylvia Lim over the PA’s S$900 million budget, which is a 34% increase from FY2014, Minister Chan Chun Sing was quick to deflect blame from the SG50 celebrations. The SG50 celebrations spent an undisclosed amount estimated at tens of millions which are largely spent on the funeral of Lee Kuan Yew and other Lee Kuan Yew-related campaigns for the General Election in 2015.