A 40-year-old new citizen previously from China has his appeal to sue the Singapore Police for S$1.22 million dismissed by the Singapore High Court. New Singaporean, Yan Jun, attempted to sue the Singapore Police for illegal arrest, illegal detention, assault and defamation for S$1.22 million in 2009. His case was dismissed by the High Court once but Yan Jun then attempted another appeal which was dismissed today.

In July 2009, Yan Jun was arrested by police officers for contravening a restraining order put up by his wife when he threatened and assaulted her. Yan Jun was then detained for 21 hours and suffered minor abrasions during his arrest. When he was later out on bail, he found out that his wife did not have a valid restraining order because she missed a hearing at the family justice court. Yan Jun then decided to sue the Singapore Police demanding for S$1.22 million as damages.

The Singapore High Court dismissed Yan Jun’s appeal saying he exceeded the 3 years’ validity for an appeal related to assault.