Photo of Koh Poh Poon clearing drain

PAP MPs are now under the spotlight over their recent speeches in Parliament as their supporters express exasperation and confusion. Some statements are racist and seditious, while others are just elitist and out-of-touch. While only one has apologised (Denise Phua), the rest left their message cliff-hanging and lacking logical explanations. Here are some statements that their supporters are angry at (you may view the articles in details here):

  1. Minister Koh Poh Koon: Sell your HDB and rent if you are poor, HDB is not a bank
  2. PAP MP Darryl David: Counselling can help the poor handle financial stress
  3. Health Minister Gan Kim Yong: “Pain and regret” is a greater penalty than fines”
  4. MP Lee Bee Wah: “PAP MPs: Rich mothers will leave their high income jobs if they pay too much taxes”
  5. Defence Minister: There is no Muslim officer in Navy because I cannot please all requests
  6. Transport Ministry: More train breakdowns but MRT is now more reliable
  7. Health Ministry: Singapore government made at least S$2 billion out of Eldershield since 2002
  8. Minister Chan Chun Sing to retrenched workers: Number of jobs available in Singapore is not a problem
  9. Lee Hsien Loong: Singapore has a clean and incorrupt system
  10. Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say delayed Retirement Age further to 67
  11. Minister Lim Swee Say: No unemployment benefits for Singapore