Photo of Darryl David from smong

In his maiden speech today (April 5th), PAP MP Darryl David proposed to build more mental wellness centres to handle the financial stress of individuals, especially for the unemployed and those with many dependents. The confused MP claimed that with the current recession, the poor people are likely to face greater financial stress and that the mental wellness centres can offer help to people with stress and mild depression developed from poverty.

However, MP Darryl David did not explain how could having more counsellors help cash-strapped poor people whose primary problem arises from the lack of money.

“…the struggles faced by less well-off individuals with multiple dependents – those who have young children and who are also caring for spouses or ageing parents. Should the difficulties they face as providers and caregivers be compounded by the fact that they are from a lower income strata, then we have all the elements of a perfect storm of stress. And with the economic slowdown and the shadow of structural unemployment looming, this storm of stress will explode into a typhoon of trauma should they lose their jobs.

Help must be given to such individuals to cope with the emotional and psychological burden of being caregivers simultaneously to two groups of dependents while dealing with their own personal issues and challenges.”