In an expected internal disarray of the Lee family following Lee Kuan Yew’s death, the eldest daughter expressed her displeasure at being censored by the government-controlled Singapore press, SPH. On her Facebook page, she said that she refused to be censored and withdrew her entire submission to The Straits Times. Lee Wei Ling also blasted at the SPH editors for being “too timid to disobey” and said that they are commanded by “someone”.

Only her brother Lee Hsien Loong can control the Singapore press. In an earlier Facebook post, Lee Wei Ling said that she will boycott her brother-controlled Singapore Press Holdings.

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if i seem to have posted the post below twice, the first time i did not realize i was in judith’s facebook. Judith has 2000 facebook friends and i asked her to help me distribute my message, and i am grateful for her help. just to be sure there is no misunderstanding, i am posting it again on what is my own Facebook.

thank you the public, for your comments, whether positive or negative. it is better to be truthful then just to be nice. having been in the public’s eye for so many decades, inspite of trying th hide under the radar screen, i have come to the conclusion that i cannot please everyone everytime, nor should i try to do so. i just try to be as accurate as i can. as an example, Janadas texted me from Texas yesterday, probably after reading yesterday’s post, “I never called Cheong sly”. the conversation took place in 2013, i may not recall the exact words Janadas used, but he expressed his displeasure with Cheong with great emotion and this was directed to the fact that Cheong made use of my father. “Sly” seemed appropriate word to convey what he said to me. there are times i cannot reveal names, because the powers that be may take retribution, so i then have to be less frank without being dishonest.

other than that, i am the Lee Wei Ling many have come to know when my articles were published without my main message edited out, in ST. It was a love-hate relationship between me and my three consequetive editors. there may already been a space for my article, then the editor does not like what i wrote, and i refuse to have the relevant points deleted and the entire article is then dropped.
when what each of the three editors objected to was so consistent, i decided they must have been commanded to edit certain issues out, and they are to timid to disobey, and too embarassed by their timidness to tell me the truth.”