During a witness cross examination at the court hearing on the TRS sedition case, police inspector Ravi revealed that he was told by his superiors to investigate on civil laws involving 3 PAP MPs. The 3 PAP MPs are Irene Ng, Zaqy Mohammad and Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen. Soon after the instruction, the Singapore police issued instructions to arrest the TRS editors, Ai Takagi and Yang Kai Heng.

When questioned by defence lawyer Remy Choo Zheng Xi if these defamation cases which are civil in nature any relevant to the sedition charges, police inspector Ravi said no. However, the Attorney General Chambers (AGC) and Singapore Police presented potential defamatory articles written by Ai Takagi as “evidence” for sedition charges.

Many have speculated that the Singapore government is using the sedition charges as a front to punish the anti-government website. Overseas media and the international freedom watchdog organisations like Human Rights Watch have also questioned if Ai Takagi’s offense even warrant a 10 month jail sentence, and questioned the purpose of the sentence which appears trumped up and politically motivated. Other media sources in Japan and Australia slammed the Singapore government for punishing a pregnant lady and making her give birth in prison.

Ai Takagi is 3 months’ pregnant and has been sentenced to a 10 month jail start today (April 1). Her husband Yang Kai Heng is facing 7 charges of sedition, with each charge carrying 3 years’ jail and S$5,000 fine. The trial is still ongoing, however the Singapore Police is not able to present any evidence to prove that Yang Kai Heng published any article that is seditious.