Photo of Yang Kai Heng and Ai Takagi from Mediacorp

The key investigation officer Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Roy Lim Eng Seng doubled up as the case’s sole witness but found no evidence against Yang Kai Heng, whom he alleged is heavily involved with the anti-government website, The Real Singapore (TRS).

Presenting himself in court today as a key witness, DSP Roy Lim said that he had caught hold of chat logs between a Skype account “able_tree” and a web developer, Damien Koh, and a vietnam information technology company. DSP Roy Lim presented the chat logs as “evidence” in court and claimed that the Singlish used and the vulgarity words used in Hokkien dialect is most likely Yang Kai Heng:

“The use of the Hokkien vulgarities was very, very Singaporean, and I said that I do not believe that Ai Takagi knows these vulgarities.”

However when questioned if DSP Roy Lim caught hold of any single evidence that can prove Yang Kai Heng written a political article on TRS, he said no. Ai Takagi wrote many political articles that questioned the Singapore government, indicating that she has a high level of “local knowledge”, as such, she is able to converse in Singlish and Hokkien.

Yang Kai Heng has denied all 7 sedition charges and chose not to plead guilty because he was hardly involved with the anti-government content of TRS. However his wife Ai Takagi pleaded guilty last week. Although Ai Takagi is 3 months’ pregnant, the Singapore court sentenced her to 10 months’ jail for “sedition” even though there was no victim or financial losses from her articles in TRS. Yang Kai Heng faces a 3 years jail and S$5,000 fine for each of the 7 charges. If convicted, he may face a maximum of 21 years in jail and S$35,000 fine.

A Japanese business media slammed the conviction as politically motivated, and not a surprise as Singapore is a South East Asia country where dictatorships are common.