A former China-national Singaporean was sentenced to 6 months’ jail today (March 30) for cheating local supermarkets with his self-printed bar codes. At the Tampines Giant supermarket on 1 Nov 2015, Zhang Bo Bo, 27, pasted his own bar code stickers he printed from his own label printer, onto 6 tins of baby formula milk powder, a cooker and a vacuum cleaner. At the self-checkout counter, he scanned the 8 items as Marigold evaporated milk at S$1.25 each. The total cost he paid for was only S$10, while the goods cost S$630.

A provision shop owner himself, Zhang Bo Bo, then sold the 6 tins of milk powder via a China website. Many overseas PRC nationals residing overseas have been selling local milk powder to China at inflated prices because consumption products in China are perceived to be contaminated.

Zhang Bo Bo continued his cheating spree at Tampines Giant supermarket for the next two days, before moving to Cold Storage, where he bought S$493 worth of milk powder tins at S$6.

At the court, the new Singaporean pleaded for clemency saying he has a young daughter and his father needed the money the latter earlier loaned to him to set up his provision shop. The Singapore Court gave special permission and allowed him to serve his jail sentence after April 27 as he is trying to sell the shop away.