Former dictator Lee Kuan Yew’s eldest daughter, Lee Wei Ling, posted on Facebook revealing that her father would have been disgusted by the slew of events held by the Singapore government to commemorate the first anniversary of his death.

Titled “Lee Kuan Yew would have cringed at the hero worship just one year after his death”, Lee Wei Ling said she was astounded by the intensity of the feelings towards him. She said she decided to voice out after the government-controlled media headlined a story of a 2.3m by 3.1m portrait of Lee Kuan Yew. Lee Wei Ling said this reminded her of communist China:

“It was a well-meaning effort but it made me wince. Here is why:

The photo brought back memories of my first visit to China with my father in 1976. It was the end of the Cultural Revolution and I have vivid memories of our delegation being greeted by young children lining the streets chanting loudly: “WELCOME, WELCOME, A VERY WARM WELCOME.”

It was very contrived and my father was not impressed. We are Singaporeans, not prone to excessive, unnatural displays of emotion.

Papa merely waved at the children, as he would have done in Singapore. I refused to even do that. I stared straight ahead, feeling very sad for the people of the “Middle Kingdom” that was still run like a kingdom.”

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