Writer of independent news media, The Real Singapore (TRS), Ai Takagi was sentenced to 10 months’ jail today (March 23) for four counts of sedition charges, which the government claimed for “publishing doctored and patently false material”.

The 23-year-old writer is 2 months pregnant and the 10 months sentencing means she will be delivering her baby during imprisonment. The government’s deputy public prosecutor G Kannan has earlier sought for a 14 months’ jail sentence by accusing Ai Takagi of being “devoid of genuine remorse for manufacturing the seditious posts for profit”.

TRS was Singapore’s most popular news media because of it’s anti-government content. The husband-and-wife duo Ai Takagi and Yang Kai Heng was arrested in Feb 2015 when they landed in Singapore. The third editor left Singapore for Australia in Mar 2015 and set up States Times Review in May, just a week after the Singapore government shut down TRS in April 2015.

Yang Kai Heng is facing 7 charges of sedition, with each charges warranting a maximum 3 years’ jail and S$5,000 fine. He has denied all involvement with the website and his trial is still pending.