Singapore’s public transport operator SMRT provided inaccurate updates during today’s (Mar 18) peak hour morning breakdown which lasted 4 hours from 7am to 11am. In it’s first announcement on its official communication channel Twitter, SMRT called for a 15 minutes additional delay to tavelling time for passengers commuting between Tanah Merah and Joo Koon. However, passengers responded on Twitter saying that the delay was between 30 to 45 mins instead.

Screenshot from Twitter
Screenshot from Twitter

SMRT then sent out two tweets saying the delay has been revised to 25 mins and 30 mins, and this time involving the section between Pasir Ris to Tanah Merah stations, which was left out in the first tweet.

Just 3 days ago (Mar 15), SMRT covered up a train breakdown incident which happened on the Circle Line. The Land Transport Authority has been silence over the recent spate of train breakdowns which is now happening as frequent as twice a week.

Due to the unreliable public transport, the Singapore economy suffered labour productivity losses to an estimated tens of millions every year as Singapore workers turned up late for work.

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