Photo of Gan Kim Yong from The Straits Times

In the Hepatitis C virus outbreak incident that took 8 lives and 22 infected last year, 4 senior officials from the Ministry of Health (MOH) and 12 staffs from the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) are singled out for blame and penalized with warnings and fines.

However Health Minister Gan Kim Yong excused himself from taking responsibilities as the press release chastise the 20 staffs. Health Minister Gan Kim Yong did not reveal to the public in May when his ministry confirmed the virus outbreak in May 2015.

The MOH kept quiet about the outbreak for 5 months until Oct 2015 before making a public announcement of the virus outbreak. There was no explanation for the 5 months cover up but it is understood that the delay happened because of the Sep 2015 General Election. The Singapore government was worried that the virus outbreak incident may cost them votes in the election, which the ruling party PAP eventually won with a record 69.8% majority.

You may view the press release from MOH here and SGH here. The Health Minister could not be reached for comments.

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