An unwell SBS driver crashed into 7 parked motorcycles and a blue Toyota Vios, injuring a 23-year-old in the incident at Changi Village Road. According to photos of the wreckage uploaded on Facebook by witness Mango SixNine, the bus driver was conscious and still in his driver’s seat.

According to the SBS spokesperson, Tammy Tan, the 23-year-old motorcyclist victim sustained light injuries and was sent to Changi General Hospital. You may view the photos of the wreckage here:

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Bus drivers in Singapore draw a low salary at around S$1,800 and they have to work overtime exceeding 50 hours a week. Fatigue is the most common symptom for transport workers like taxi drivers and bus drivers in Singapore. The recent participation of 2 foreign bus companies have raised basic wages by as much as 20%, pressuring the existing duopoly SMRT and SBS to increase drivers’ benefits.