A 27-year-old Singaporean has been sentenced to 3 months’ jail today (Mar 15) for assaulting an elderly taxi driver in April 2014. William Ng Wei Liang and his then-girlfriend boarded the taxi of 61-year-old taxi driver Wee Toon Kiang at 4am on April 8, 2014. The couple were out drinking at a club and a quarrel ensued while they were in the taxi.

William Ng then told the driver to stop and he alighted leaving his ex-girlfriend in the taxi. The ex-girlfriend followed him and the two continue quarreling outside the taxi, before returning to the taxi and telling the driver to drive off without the boyfriend. William Ng then ran to the taxi, opened the passenger door and began punching the elderly driver.

The driver ran out of the taxi but William Ng gave chase and continued punching and kicking the driver on the ground. Following the incident, the driver spent two nights hospitalized with several multiple rib fractures but was later discharged. The driver died of skin cancer in May 2015.

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