According to the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE), the amount of resolution rate fell due to the increase in case complexity and the large sum of money involved. The latest media release however covered up the statistics for resolution rate, and highlighted the overall decline in the number of complaint cases.

You may read the media release here.

The total number of complaints filed fell 9.7% to 22,319 in 2015. Leading the fall is the timeshare industry (annual memberships that offers discounts on travel, shopping and etc.) with a 38.8% decrease, and complaints relating to Electrical and Electronics products. After the high profile Sim Lim Square cheating mercenaries were brought to light, the number of complaints on Electrical and Electronics products and services fell 20.3% to 1,668 cases.

Complaints relating to motorcars spiked up 37.6% to 2,907 with 50% of them related to defective goods upon purchase. 70% of these cases involved second-hand car sales.

CASE sees a sharp decline in the number of complaints because more Singaporeans are losing faith with the consumer association. Past experiences shared by many lamented the government association is ineffective and incapable of acting on complaints.