According to the Building Construction Authority (BCA), the number of HDB lift incidents in Singapore have increased five-fold in 3 years. Currently in March 2016, there are already 3 recorded lift incidents with two recent life-threatening faults where a lift sprang up 17 floors in Ang Mo Kio, and a lift operating with the lift door opened taking headlines. In 2015, there were 5 such recorded lift incidents, with a life-threatening one where an elderly woman’s hand was severed by the lift doors due to faulty sensors. Compared to 2013 and 2014, there was only one recorded lift incident each.

Around in 2008, HDB lifts no longer require lift certificates to be displayed in the lifts. A notice claimed that Town Councils will still conduct routine maintenance, but there were public concerns then that safety will be compromised as nobody would know if the technicians have actually conducted maintenance work.

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Pertaining to the increased in life-threatening faults, the Minister of National Development Lawrence Wong said he has asked the BCA to step in and conduct independent audit checks around Singapore. The BCA also announced that they are now reviewing lift regulations and standards.