Bald, old, ugly and fat? No problem, you can still find love in the PAP.

54-year-old PAP MP David Ong’s lover is PAP member Wendy Lim. The 41-year-old logistics sales executive is a member of the Bukit Batok PAP Women’s Wing. When Bukit Batok PAP MP David Ong made the announcement, Wendy Lim deleted all photos taken of her and her lover.

This is the second extra-marital affairs to struck the PAP camp, suggesting falling standards and moral values in PAP members. Singaporeans who voted PAP has again been taken for a ride by their PAP MP despite election slogans about integrity and having the right leadership.

MP David Ong has three children and a wife, while PAP member Wendy Lim is married according to media reports. The two had to end their love song only when Wendy Lim’s husband made a formal complaint to the PAP, despite earlier multiple warnings since he found out 6 months ago.

Although PAP MP David Ong draw a luxurious S$16,000 a month salary, that didn’t stop him from corruption. Given their affairs, it is also unknown if MP David Ong has granted any town council business to Wendy Lim who works as a sales executive in the logistic industry. A CV posted on her company website said she was a former flight stewardess who graduated with a degree in management from the University of London in the United Kingdom. The CV has since been taken down from the website.

Photo from Facebook
Photo from Facebook