The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and the two defendants who were demanding S$22,000 total of legal fees from the deceased NSF family will be waiving off the amount due to public pressure. This news was announced through state media, Today, where reporters received confirmation of the waiver.

Last Thursday (Mar 3), the Singapore High Court ruled that the deceased NSF family was not able to file for damages from the SAF even when the army breached safety standards. NSF Dominique Saffron Lee died from inhaling too much smoke from the smoke grenade exercise, which saw 6 grenades being used instead of the safety standard at 2. The High Court also ruled that the deceased NSF family were to pay for all legal costs incurred.

Initially, the SAF avoided mentioning about waiving the legal costs. Criticisms soon piled up online on non-government-controlled media like States Times Review, and the government was forced to waive the legal costs. The Singapore government has been increasingly frustrated with non-government-controlled media, and recently imposed an indirect fine of S$5,000 on TheOnlineCitizen, for relentlessly following up on a teen suicide case which embarrassed the ruling party.