Photo of Ai Takagi and Yang Kai Heng from Wong Kwai Chow The Straits Times

Former socio-civic website The Real Singapore (TRS) editor Yang Kai Heng was assaulted outside the Singapore Court this afternoon (March 8). According to the government-controlled media, an unknown man threw a stash of papers right at Yang Kai Heng’s face in a similar aggressive fashion like the man did to government critic Amos Yee.

The Singapore media refused to disclose any information e.g. race, age or physical descriptions regarding the “unknown man”, but the reporters witnessed Yang Kai Heng and his assailant making statements to an investigating officer over the incident. State media Channel News Asia speculated that the stash of papers are a writ of summons to commence a civil suit by the assailant to Yang Kai Heng. It is unknown if Yang Kai Heng suffered any injuries but no arrest was made and the assailant was witnessed walking away after recording his statements with the police.

In August 2015, 16-year-old dissident Amos Yee who was also facing sedition charges was slapped by a pro-government supporter outside the Singapore Court. The assailant was similarly not identified by the Singapore press until a week later after the assault. It now appears government critics in Singapore will now require protection when travelling to the Singapore Court so they will not be attacked.