32-year-old wife beater, Vinoth Tirunakkarasu, was fined S$3,500 yesterday (Mar 1) for pulling his 7-month-pregnant wife’s hair and verbally abusing a police staff sergeant. The incident happened outside Club Checkmate at Rendezvous Hotel at around 2.20am on 1 June 2015. Eye witnesses stopped Vinoth and called for the police, who arrived and ended up verbally abused with vulgarities by Vinoth.

Vinoth also pleaded guilty to charges of criminal intimidation and causing hurt, when he sat on the abdomen of his 26-year-old wife, dragged her across the floor and threatened her with a knife at home six months ago. In his mitigation, he pleaded that he had apologized and his wife has forgiven him.

District Judge Salina Ishak said the Vinoth has serious anger management issues and sentenced him to only a S$3,500. It is unknown which nationality is Vinoth from.