In the latest development to PRC cheat Yang Yin’s case, the Court of Appeal overturned the High Court’s decision, now effectively denying him from accessing S$98,000 of funds from two insurance policies under his name. The hearing presented the affidavit of the bank’s relationship manager who handled the sales proceed in 2009, testifying that the money given to Yang Yin was held in trust and not a gift as the latter claimed. The High Court has initially approved his access to the funds but the move was delayed by the Commercial Affairs Department.

The PRC cheat currently ran out of money to pay his legal fees and personal expenses, and depended on the S$98,000 as a lifeline. However, the court heard that S$4 million is still unaccounted for from his bank account, to which Yang Yin’s lawyer weakly responded saying he doesn’t have his client’s permission to share the information with the court.

Yang Yin faces 349 charges relating to falsification of legal documents including his education qualifications, immigration-related evidence, tax-related business claims, inheritance will of his 89-year-old victim Mdm Chung and misappropriation. His wife and parents are also plaintiffs in the case but have since been hiding in China where the Singapore authorities have no extradition treaty with.

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