23-year-old Tan Jing Zi with a delinquent history of numerous thefts, trespassing, mischief by fire, underage sex since the age of 17 has been sentenced to 11-month jail for robbing a taxi driver at Lim Chu Kang cemetery.

With his “godsister” Eng Wan Fong, Tan Jing Zi was acting as the lookout while his friend Goh Tiong Chien robbed a 58-year-old Malay elderly taxi driver. In the robbery, Goh Tiong Chien slashed the TransCab driver’s finger, lip and forehead. They were all arrested within 4 hours after the driver lodged a police report. When charges was read to Eng Wan Fong in Dec last year, the woman cried and said she had family problems. She was subsequently sentenced to a 12-month jail while Goh Tiong Chien was jailed 22 months.

District Judge Low Wee Ping took note of Tan Jing Zi’s criminal history and determined that he require a “specifically deterrent sentence”. Noting on one occasion when Tan Jing Zi impregnated his girlfriend and refused to take responsibility of it, the judge said “incarceration is necessary…with your background”.