2 Singaporeans and 1 Malaysian were charged on Friday (Feb 26) for the kidnapping of 2 Singaporean brothers in Penang Malaysia. The two Singaporeans are Benjamin Ling Jialiang, 26, and Judy Wee Aye Fong, 52, while the Malaysian, Fong Ling Ling, 45, is a Singapore Permanent Resident. A total of 8 suspects were arrested related to the kidnapping of 2 Singaporean men, aged 27 and 28, who initially went over to Penang Malaysia to meet 3 Malaysians at a restaurant for a business deal.

The two victims were kidnapped on Monday (Feb 22) but were well taken care of during their 3 days ordeal which ended on Wednesday (Feb 24). A ransom demand of US$250,000 was made via an anonymous Malaysia-based phone call to the fiancee of the older brother. On Wednesday (Feb 24), the Malaysian police rescued them acting on a tip-off from Singapore Police, and subsequently arrested 4 kidnappers in a budget hotel at Tanjung Kotong, Penang Malaysia, while the Singapore Police arrested 4 suspects in Singapore. According to the Malaysia Police, one more kidnapper is still at large.