Singapore’s Catholic churches expressed their disapproval over the upcoming Madonna’s concert with their archbishop, William Goh, denouncing the concert as blasphemous. Archbishop William Goh even went as far as to calling it a “grave concern” and warned Catholics not to support those “who denigrate and insult religions”:

“Many have expressed their concern and even outrage at the performer’s disrespectful use of Catholic and other Christian symbols during her performance… In multi-racial, multi-religious Singapore, we cannot afford to be overly permissive in favour of artistic expression at the expense of respect for one’s religion”

The archbishop also took a potshot at secularism warning church followers “not to support anti-Christian and immoral values of the secular world.”

His comments has since been met with backlash from the public, which caught the Catholic Church off guard and having to respond in knee-jerk fashion with a media statement claiming that they are not imposing their views on others.

However, other religious conservatives came out in support of what the Catholic archbishop said, with the National Council of Churches of Singapore who declared that they had also expressed their religious views to the Singapore authorities in a bid to pressure for censorship.

Singapore is a secular state with an increasing number of atheists in the country. Due to it’s multi-cultural society, the authorities was relied on to impose secularism in all organs of government.