Singapore’s censorship authorities, the Media Development Authority (MDA), censored US President Barack Obama in a segment of a popular US talkshow aired on Valentine’s Day. In the original video below, Obama congratulated lesbian TV host Ellen for her effort in helping change the attitude of people towards LGBT people.

“As much as we’ve done with laws and ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” et cetera, changing hearts and minds—I don’t think anybody has been more influential than you on that. I really mean that. You being willing to claim who you were, that suddenly empowers other people. And then suddenly, it’s your brother, it’s your uncle, it’s your best friend, it’s your co-workers. And then attitudes shift. And the law is followed, but it started with folks like you. I’m so proud of you.”

The Singapore government is heavily influenced by vocal religious communities which have been stepping up effort imposing their views on others who do not subscribe to their beliefs. Just earlier this week, Catholic arcbishop William Goh came out to openly criticize Madonna, calling her concert anti-Christian and an attack from the secular world.

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